How to Achieve Your Dreams in the Coming Year

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in Goals, Videos | 1 comment

Do you have a New Year’s habit of writing down resolutions, goals, and dreams for the coming year? Sharon recommends a different approach which may just help you achieve your dreams for 2012.

Enjoy this video!

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One Comment

  1. Sharon-

    This is truly the year of pure ‘Contentment’ for me as a woman. Indeed God is calling all women to a new season which will allow us to see our value as well as the impact we have on others. As you shared, in 2012 let’s eliminate the traditional “Things to Do” list and be more realistic with ourselves and be the Faithful, Fearless and Fanatical women that God has called us to be.

    Thanks for sharing such an encouraging message which has resonated within my spirit.

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