Simple Acts Bring Great Joy

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I had just settled into my favorite chair for the evening to begin writing posts for this month, when my husband approached me.

“So, what’s that you’re working on?” he asked.

“Blog posts for December,” I replied.

Given my proclivity toward perfection – I’m a recovering perfectionist – this innocuous exchange immediately sent me into a tailspin.

I thought, “Lord, please don’t let him ask to see my writing just yet, it’s not ready.”

I was glad that he didn’t want to see them. What a relief!

Instead, he asked, “So, what’s your topic?”

“Joy,” I said.

But I was thinking, “Now is not the time to have this conversation. I’m trying to concentrate and write A little silence would be appreciated, dear.”

We exchanged smiles and he walked away.

Still seated in my favorite chair, he returned moments later and announced that he just sent me an email that I may, or may not, find useful. He left in the same manner that he came – unassuming.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I stopped writing, checked my email, and was floored by what I read:


Here is my unsolicited, but hopefully welcome contribution to your “Joy” Blog. While I am pretty certain that your blog has a greater theme, I think these items evoke clear pictures that might heighten your readers’ senses, and make them more receptive to whatever message you might be providing. Use as you see fit, if at all. If nothing else, perhaps it will provide you a humble reminder of who I am.

What brings me JOY:

  1. The moment right before
  2. The moment right after
  3. Fat Boy ice cream sandwich
  4. Any child’s smile (but my daughter’s especially)
  5. My son’s laugh
  6. My wife’s eyes
  7. A job well done
  8. Grover’s Sax
  9. Luther’s voice
  10. Barry Sander’s video
  11. Air in his hey day
  12. Tiny Archibald on a fast break
  13. People helping people
  14. Learning something new
  15. An unexpected call from an old friend
  16. The very first day of a vacation
  17. Payday
  18. Assets > Liabilities
  19. Feeling appreciated
  20. GOD


I chose to share this with you with the sincere desire that it reminds you, as it did me, of the following:

Joy is at your fingertips. Joy is within you. Joy is simple – and yours to define. Even the smallest acts can bring you, and others, great joy.

Be happy, joyous, and free.

simple acts bring great joy

Today’s Task:

Make a similar list of things, moments, and ideas that bring you great joy. If you can, send this list to the people closest to you, and encourage them to share their own list with you as well.

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  1. as I read this wonderful entry… I THOUGHTabout growing up on fairview ave with the dudley and maye family..and chick came to mine.what joy he must bring to your lives each day! what a wonderful person he has become . we all evolve into who we have and will become and with the help of GOD we continue to make a difference in our lives and the lives of those we eliminate through.SHARON continue to give the world your gracious word. I love it.Angela tilley-jones

  2. Sharon,

    I like your blog post. That’s funny that your husband gave you his joy list.
    Here my joy list:
    1. When you get a thank you from someone you helped..
    2. When I see a baby smiles back at you…
    3. When others work together that’s so different from each other…
    4. When I’ve made someone’s day, with a good laugh
    5. Reading a good book
    6. Being among family
    7. Learning a different perspective on an old problem
    8. Listening to music
    9. Completing a difficult task

    This is a good exercise.

    • Eugene: I love your #7. It reminds me of something that I am still working on myself. So now, I will look, or wait, for another perspective. I find joy on recounting all the holidays and summers we spent together as kids. I could not ask for a better cousin! Blessings, Peace and Prosperity to you and yours this Holiday Season and New Year!

      • Sharon, I wish you and your family a wonder holiday season and a happy and safe New Year as well. I have so much respect for you, and how you’ve grown into a classy and humbled person-that’s a nice combination which makes you so unique. Keep up the blog postings!

  3. Angela: Even your memories of life on Fairview are priceless . Thank you for visiting, reading and sharing. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t smile when they think of their friendship with Chick. Blessings.

  4. Hello Sharon,

    You may remember ne from the home improvement work on you and Chick’s house in Maryland. It warms my heart to see your wonderful contribution to the world. In thinking of my joy list, it also brings to mind all the things I am thankful for. I just lost a sister a week ago to cancer. in my sorrow I can still find joy. I am not trying to write a book here , but thank you for inspiring me to find joy.

    Larry Smith

  5. Hey There,
    Thanks for sharing…A good beginning to a busy day…Has me thinking about my joy list…I very rarely think about my own joy!

  6. Larry:

    My deepest sympathy to you during this season of grief. I am thankful that this post has led you to a place that is true and reminds you to find joy in all your seasons. God Bless You. I pray his continued peace, healing, grace and mercy covers you and your family.

  7. ‘Among my many joys:
    Knowing/feeling the love that others have for those folks that I love :)

  8. Sharon,

    One of the things that brings me joy is God’s impeccable timing: at just the right time he brought you to mind, which led me to your website and this posting, and it made me smile. To my sister, my spiritual advisor, and my friend, I love you. Thank you for reminding me to look for joy even in the midst of a not so joyful time.

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