Ode to Mama

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You didn’t get to chose your mother. Nor did you have any say in the kind of person she was while she was forming you into who you are. Whether you have or haven’t had the fortune of having the “World’s Best Mother,” there is a point where none of yesterday matters today. For good, or bad, our mothers are an essential part of us.

Without further ado, here is an ode to mothers everywhere:

Since the beginning, all have come from your womb,
Except the one God made from man.
When you could, you gave more than you took,
Thinking more of me and what I could be,
You delighted in my delight in “peek-a-boo”
You feigned surprise at all my “knock-knock” jokes,
You shielded, encouraged, and loved me in stereo.
Mountains are to be climbed you opined.
And valleys teach you to breath and believe
You can fly.

At times though, life’s toil and sting left you blind and mute.
Unable to love, be loved, or give love.
Silenced from the wonder of living,
You lived, barely.
Bereft of your divine essence,
Surely, God made you in his image too.
Your fear, rage, indifference and discontent
Strained the sinews of my heart,
Yours was a choking kind of love
For you were my keeper with chains,
And I believed I could not fly.

It is the dawn of a new day.
I love you still in ways untold.
Either because I’ve always loved you,
Or, I’ve learned to love you,
Because you gave me what none other could –

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

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