God’s Not Fair, He’s Just

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And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? (Luke 18:7)

One thing over the years in my Christian life that has struck me to the core is the saying that God is not fair, but He is just. This may be a very difficult concept for many people to grasp, but let’s get this straight, fairness takes on many facets that may seem fair to one, but is entirely unfair to someone else.

I once knew an older woman with epilepsy and she loved to watch the show, “Extreme Makeover,” where Ty and the gang would bless someone with a new home. The lucky winner of that new home had usually done something quite spectacular within the community to earn this grand and extravagant gift. This woman would watch it every week and say, “It’s not fair! Why doesn’t someone build me a new house?” Her daughter-in-law would ask in response, “What have you done in the community to earn you such a home?” And the mother-in-law would reply, “Nothing. But I have epilepsy and I should have a home like that, too.”

Our society is one in which everyone feels someone owes them something based on their idea of fairness. “It’s not fair! I don’t make a lot of money, so someone should give me money. I don’t have a nice home, so someone should give me a new home.” If God based His blessings on fairness, none of us would have anything, because quite honestly we don’t deserve them.

The great news is that God isn’t fair. He is just! He is faithful in His justice and His mercy. It can be found at the foot of the cross. Our justice comes with salvation. Without it, life is truly fair and we get what we deserve. So cry out to God, day and night and seek His justice, not His fairness.


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