A December Prayer

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Wonderful Father in Heaven,

You made yourself flesh in all the earth through your son, Jesus Christ. There is no greater love than this, and I thank you.

You gave me this gift freely, without compromise or strings attached. It was for me to accept or reject your Son as the anointed and resurrected savior. Thank you Father for my life and the gift of life that I now have because of the Saviour.

I thank you because you didn’t require my life, or the life of those I love in exchange for the sacrificed life of your Son. And it’s because of this eternal gift that I now have my eternal life. Thank you.

While there are times that the cares of my life consume me beyond the point of being able to see the silver lining in the cloud, Lord I am grateful for having seen yet another Christmas.

I pray this simply to thank you for your unconditional love that bore my infirmities and covered me during all the times that I:

  • didn’t thank you for my blessings
  •  didn’t “turn the other cheek”
  •  didn’t feed those who were hungry
  • thought more of myself than I ought
  • gave too much of myself on Saturday night that I gave you too little on Sunday
  •  lost faith in you and no longer believed
  • couldn’t see your hand at work on my behalf during my deepest and darkest hours

I admit that I am finite and fraught with frailties, but I tell you that I love you with every part of me. I honor you for being the author and creator of life, and I thank you for the real reason I celebrate Christmas.


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