Meet Sharon

Sharon King Dudley is a friend, coach, minister, and attorney. She believes that adversity is the path to strength and that “God’s power is made perfect in one’s weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). It is because of this belief that she has created the videos, articles, and ebooks, that have helped many people overcome their own adversities.

From the outside, it seemed like Sharon’s life as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur was perfect. But, on the inside, Sharon was growing dangerously unhappy. She felt helplessly overwhelmed and trapped in a cycle of life-work imbalance and unrealized dreams.

Determined to reclaim her life, Sharon did the only two things she knew for sure: to pray and to never give up.

She discovered that this was first step in redefining her life. This self-examination, Sharon admits, was painful but priceless.

Sharon now enjoys the journey of her life and is equally committed to helping others change their lives – piece by peace.

Sharon is a native of Miami, Florida. She received a BS in Communications from the University of Miami, a JD from the University of Maryland School of law and is now working on a Masters in Divinity from New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary. She currently lives with her husband and children in Orlando, Florida.

Committed to empowering you to fulfill your dreams, Sharon teaches “The Art of Perseverance”, a workshop that brings awareness to habits, patterns, or ideologies that breed stagnant behavior and prevent your personal transformation and change.

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What Other People Say About Sharon

“Sharon, God has gifted you with the gift to listen intently, advise wisely and coach creatively. Your strong yet compassionate voice encourages, enlightens and enriches. I look forward to hearing more of your speeches, reading more of your writing and growing more from our profound personal and professional exchanges.”

Alison Velez Lane, Esquire

Attorney, Leadership Consultant, Professional Speaker

CEO, The Campaign Train Group


“Sharon, your words inspire me.  I hope you consider writing a book of inspiration and encouragement.  Don’t forget to include your sense of humor!”

Sherry Lynne Hunt


“Sharon – I look forward to accompanying you on this virtual journey as you share your experiences, insights, observations, and teachings. I fully expect you will draw like minded people into this new neighborhood, and leave all of us better off and intent on frequent return visits.”

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“Of this I am sure, perseverance with God’s power, achieves the impossible.”
– Sharon King Dudley